Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

Could you be at risk of developing cardiovascular disease and not even realize it? Are there things you should, and shouldn’t, be doing to avoid this horrible diagnosis?

According to the World Heart Federation, there are some riskfactors that are beyond your control, such as age, sex and genetics. For example, the older you get the more at risk you become and up to menopause, men have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease but after menopause the risk equals between the sexes.

However, just because there are some things you can’t control,there are several risk factors you can. They are

  • High blood pressure. If you believe you have high blood pressure, it’s worth a trip to your doctor to find out. There are several medications available that can keep it at healthy levels. Also, eat foods such as bananas, yogurt and white potatoes and stay away from the salt. Plus, take the time to regularly de-stress.
  • High blood sugar levels. The more sugar you consume, the greater your risk of cardiovascular disease. That’s why it’s extra important, diabetic or not, to get your blood sugar under control. Try to limit foods such as sweet desserts, chocolates and candies. Whenever possible, choose the sugar-free variety.
  • High cholesterol. You should have your blood cholesterol tested annually. Just as with blood pressure, if your doctor finds that cholesterol is an issue, there are certain medications that may help. You can also help control it by modifying your diet to include foods such as oatmeal,fruits, vegetables and beans.
  • Use of tobacco. If you use tobacco products, you’re putting yourself at higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Yes, it’s tough to quit, especially if you’ve had the habit for a long time, but isn’t it tougher to die prematurely?
  • Being overweight. If you want to lower your risk factors, you need to be at a healthy weight. The best way to do this is to eat a diet that is nutritious and healthy and take the time to get in some regular physical activity.

As with any area of health, prevention is always preferable to cure. Take the time to live healthy now so you can live healthy later.

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