Total Fitness

What is Total Fitness?

When you think of fitness, what do you think of? Would you say that you’re a ‘totally fit’ individual, or only fit in certain areas?

Definition of Total Fitness

If you are totally fit, you are able to do your daily activities, and then some, with ease and minimal effort. It’s when your body is adept at doing what needs to be done and having strength and energy left over for any extras that may come about.

For example, someone who enjoys total fitness can do household chores, play with the kids after school and still have enough energy, strength and stamina left to do some yard work in the evening. When you condition your body in just the right way, you’re able to keep going well beyond the point where an out of shape person can take no more.

Obtaining Total Fitness

How do you get yourself to the point where you are totally fit? You work your body in these three areas:

  • Cardiovascular – Try to get in some form of physical activity that gets your heart rate going daily. Aim for activities such as walking, jogging, running or cycling. Or, you could also participate in a sport such as tennis, football, basketball or hockey.
  • Strength – Work your muscles 2-4 times a week to build their strength and endurance. Use light weights and more repetitions to develop muscles that are toned, or choose heavier weights and fewer reps for muscles that grow big and strong.
  • Flexibility – Perform stretching type exercises to keep your muscles long, lean and limber. You may consider yoga or Pilates to help keep your flexibility as both of these are great alternatives to regular old stretching.

When you achieve total fitness, you will not only look better, but you’ll feel better as well. Make sure you include cardio, strength and flexibility into your daily routine to improve your health all the way around.

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