What is Cardio fitness?

Cardio fitness is nothing but cardiovascular fitness. Cardio fitness is the ability by which consumption, transportation and utilization of oxygen is done by the lungs, heart and the various organs in the body.

Daily exercising helps in increasing the cardio fitness level because the heart pumps the oxygen and blood efficiently all over the body. Good cardio fitness helps the body to use the oxygen effectively.

Cardio-respiratory endurance is nothing but cardiovascular fitness. Cardio-respiratory endurance refers to muscular endurance.

The efficiency with which all the working muscles in the body get oxygen from the vascular system, lungs and the heart is known cardio-respiratory endurance.

Cardio fitness is also affected by many factors like muscle cells, stroke volume and heart rate.

Benefits of cardio fitness

  • Cardio fitness helps in strengthening the breathing muscles like the lungs and also the heart muscles.
  • Cardio fitness helps in reducing the blood pressure.
  • It helps in burning the body fat by increasing the resting metabolism.
  • Cardio fitness helps in overcoming anxiety and depression by releasing endorphins to the brain.

 To achieve cardio fitness, the body stress level has to be increased so that the heart rate is at least seventy-five percent but the aim should be that it touches eighty-five percent.

The changes in the body can take place only with time, so you should not exert too much pressure on the body while doing cardio exercise.

To achieve cardio fitness, you don’t have to use treadmill or an elliptical machine. To make your heart pump the right amount of blood, you can start riding a bike or you can go for a power walk. Cardio fitness can also be achieved by swimming or by running. You can also play tennis or climb staircase to gain optimum cardio fitness. Even by playing with the kids or by doing inline skating you can challenge your heart to work in the most efficient way.

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