How to Reduce Stress

Do you feel tense a lot of the time, both at work and home, and you want to do something about it? Are you sick of feeling tired, anxious and ready to rip someone’s head off at the drop of a hat?

Effects of stress

Stress affects you both physically and mentally. At a minimum, it decreases your ability to enjoy life. You have a shorter fuse and are less likely to have patience and tolerance in any given situation. You may also lash out at those you love and hurt them when you don’t intend to.
Physically, when your body undergoes constant stress without relief, it will start to show negative signs via things like a compromised immune system (meaning more sicknesses and illnesses), headaches, fatigue and possibly even chest pains and heart issues. No way around it, stress will eventually take its toll if it isn’t alleviated.

Ways to reduce it

There are tons of ways to help you calm your body when you find that you’re in an agitated state. The key is to realize when your stress is present and to actively decide to do something about it. It usually won’t just go away on its own so you have to take some sort of action yourself to decompress.

Here are some ideas of ways that you can reduce the stress in your life:

  • Eliminate the source. If possible, get rid of whatever is giving you the stress. If it’s your vehicle constantly breaking down, buy a new one. If it’s a relationship that no longer works and causes you lots of anguish, maybe it’s time to let it go and move on.
  • Exercise. When you’re active, you alleviate some of the tension stored in your body. Also, exercise increases endorphins which naturally make you feel better and more positive.
  • Meditate. Take the time to calm your mind and body on a regular basis. Focus on your breathing and you’ll feel better inside and out.
  • Do something new. Sometimes it helps to just take your mind off whatever is bothering you. If you engage in something you’ve never done before it gives your brain a chance to focus on something new and exciting, giving it a much needed break from whatever is causing you to struggle.

These are just a couple ideas to get you going in the right direction. Perhaps you have some other things you enjoy doing that help you feel better and leave you with an improved outlook on life?
Whatever makes you happy, do it. It’s important for your inner and outer self.

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