Fitness for Mental Health


Fitness for Mental Health


You knew fitness improved your physical health, but are you aware that it’s just as beneficial to your mental healthIn fact, getting regular physical activity helps your mind as well as your body.

Benefits of Fitness

Fitness has lots of great advantages. When you’re in optimal physical condition you reduce your risk of diseases such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer. And, you’re more capable of completing day-to-day activities, such as running errands or working long days.

As great as all that is on it’s own, being fit has many more benefits – ones that go beyond your physical self. Ones that enhance your level of life satisfaction. What are these extra-special benefits of fitness?

It lowers stress. When you’re having one of those days where nothing seems to go right, taking in some form of physical activity can help you take out your frustrations and anxiety in a positive way. You’re able to remove the negative emotions from your body, making way for good things to take their place.

It improves your attitude. Need an attitude adjustment? Exercise can help. When you engage in activities that make you feel better (such as finally being able to cross exercise off your to-do list and getting “runner’s high”), you can’t help but spread that joy to those around you.


 helps you deal with life’s ups and downs more effectively. A lot of people say they do their best thinking when they’re working out. Why? Maybe it’s because you’re taking your mind off your problems for a minute or two, allowing creativity and problem solving to take hold.Or perhaps you’re getting more oxygen rich blood to your brain. Regardless of why it works, just enjoy it.

Fitness is a whole-body experience. It’s something that can benefit you on every level. Try it and you just might find that you feel better, inside and out

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