Fitness and Sport

Fitness and Sport


Are you looking for a fun way to get into shape that doesn’t involve endless hours walking
nowhere on a treadmill? How about engaging in a sport to unleash your inner competitor and
keep you motivated to stay in shape?

Fitness and sport have always been considered two separate things. Fitness refers to getting and
staying in good physical condition, whereas sport involves working toward an objective; a win.
But, aren’t the two essentially the same?

A Comparison

First, let’s look at the aspects of fitness. Fitness, by definition, is when you’re healthy and in
good physical shape. Isn’t that necessary in most sports? Whether you’re playing something as
an individual, such as in tennis or racquetball, or engaged with a team, as in football and soccer,
you have to have a certain level of fitness or you’ll never last the entire match, round or game.

Second, if you look at a sport as working toward a win, or successfully completing the game,
isn’t that what fitness is about? You’re striving to make your muscles and body stronger and
healthier, which is a successful outcome, or a win. Effectively, you’re mastering the game of life.

Put Them Together

So, how do you create a workout program that gives you maximum results in both areas? In
other words, how do you get fit while engaging in a sport?

You’ll want to pick a sport that keeps you moving as much as possible. For example, while
you’ll gain some benefit from bowling, you’ll certainly see greater results from soccer or
basketball because you’re always on the go.

And, make sure you choose something you enjoy. Whether you’re in it more for the fitness or
sport aspect, you’ll likely stick with it longer if you’re having fun. So, if you’ve always had a
good time playing hockey, try to incorporate it into your exercise routine.

Use your fitness to help you in your sport and use a sport to maximize your fitness. You’ll find
greater success with both when you let them work together.

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