Fitness as a Hobby

Fitness as a Hobby

Most people dread fitness. Do you know why? They look at it as something they have to do, not something they get to do. This one tiny thought is enough to derail even the best of intentions.

It’s All About Perception

When you look at anything as being an obligation versus a choice, of course you’re going to have ill feelings against it. It becomes a chore; something that you feel is necessary to reach a certain goal. And, the more you feel it’s a requirement as opposed to a decision you get to make, the more you begin to despise the very notion.

It’s like doing something nice for someone special. Let’s say that every day you had a piping hot cup of coffee ready for your spouse the minute they woke up. You do it because you love him or her and want to start their day off as best as possible. It almost brings you as much joy as it does them.

But, what happens when they start to expect you to do it? Do you feel the same then? Probably not. Why? Because you would no longer be doing it by choice. Now, it becomes something you feel obligated to do, which is no fun at all.

Bring the Fun Back Into Fitness

If you want to make fitness enjoyable, you have to look at it as a hobby. It’s something that you choose to do because you enjoy it and get great benefit from it. It makes you healthier, stronger and feel better.

And, like any great hobby, you’ll want to engage in it regularly. Consistency is the key to getting great results. If you only do something once or twice a year, you won’t allow yourself the complete benefit.

Finally, find an activity that not only works your body, but makes you smile. Have fun with it. Take a belly dancing or pole dancing class if the idea excites you. Get involved with a team sport and satisfy your social needs along with your physical ones.

Fitness should be something you look forward to, not something you dread. Change your perception and you’ll change your body.


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