What is Fitness

What is Fitness

Everyone wants fitness, but what exactly is it? According to WebMD, fitness is “being able
to perform physical activity. It also means having the energy and strength to feel as good as
possible.” So fitness, by definition, is not only having the ability to do physical things, but also
feeling good while you do it. Both of these concepts are necessary to any well-rounded fitness

In order to properly work your body, it requires doing something physical. Whether you’re doing
some form of cardio exercise, like running or swimming, or working out with weights, you need
to tax your body. Get your heart moving and work your muscles.

Experts recommend getting at least thirty minutes of aerobic exercise a day, most days of the
week. You want to work out at a level that is hard, but not too hard. You can wear a heart rate
monitor to make sure you stay within your target heart rate zone or just do what’s called a “talk
test.” If you can easily talk, you’re not working hard enough. However, if you can’t say more
than one or two words without gasping for air, you need to scale it down a notch.

In regard to strength training, ideally you want to work your muscles three to five days a week.
Make sure you don’t work out the same muscle groups two days in a row so that you give them
time to heal.

The second part of the equation, feeling good while you’re engaged in physical activity, is just as
important. You have to have fun doing it or you’re not going to make it a part of your everyday

What are some ways to make fitness fun? Do it with a friend or join a group or class. Try
something new and exciting that stimulates your mind as well as your body. Compete against
yourself and try to reach new milestones and achieve new goals.

True fitness is not only doing the work, but enjoying yourself in the process. Isn’t that anyone’s
idea of a perfect fitness program?


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