What is Obesity and How it Effects your Health

Obesity and its Effects on the Body

Food is one of the most important necessities of humans. In addition, one of the greatest hobbies we endure as humans. We all enjoy eating, and would only dream of being able to eat whatever you like whenever you like without any limits or regulations.  

Obesity is often associated with too much calorie consumption. Too much in the sense that what you are consuming is far more than what your body is needing. The imbalance calorie intake paired with an absence of exercise is one of the greatest factors of underweight and obesity. After satisfying yourself with the foods that you like, a bigger problem comes in because obesity can affect a number of your body organs resulting in more complications.

Some of these health risks are:

  • Coronary heart diseases

  • Hypertension (which could lead to stroke)

  • Hastens diabetes problems

  • Gynecological issues (such as infertility and menstrual irregularities)

  • Liver problems

  • Respiratory Illnesses

  • Cancer

Nevertheless, it is never too late to change your diet as long as you have the determination to do so. Instead of having a non-stop calorie intake from various delicious foods, try disciplining yourself to lower your calorie intake for the sake of your health. Food rich in fiber and calcium would also help a lot in regulating your calories. Green leafy vegetables bring various vitamins and nutrients that are needed by the body. In whatever food you take, regulation is really necessary.


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