What is Pilates Training

Pilates Training

Pilates Training

Whether you’re a couch potato or elite athlete, just old enough to drive or old enough to remember when licenses weren’t required, Pilates training can help you reach your health and fitness goals. This particular style of training gives you a physique that is lean and tone, and increases your strength and balance.

Six Key Principles

Pilates operates under six key principles. They are:

  • Centering – primarily using the core area of the body, which is basically your entire middle section
  • Concentration – each move is completed with 100% focus
  • Control – movements are performed using the muscle in an exact manner
  • Precision–form is emphasized and very specific
  • Breath – each movement contains breathing as an important part of the exercise
  • Flow – the series of exercises are conducted in a graceful, fluid pattern

It is this unique set of characteristics that sets Pilates above most other training methods. Since your core is responsible for most of the movements with your body, when you increase its strength and flexibility you’re getting a workout that benefits you not only in your exercise regimen, but also in your day to day activities.

Pilates Equipment

There are a couple different ways to perform Pilates. You can simply use a mat on the floorto do the exercises or, if you’re at a studio, you may use what’s called a reformer. A reformer is a medieval looking piece of equipment that has a series of pulleys that offer resistance to help you build your muscle strength.

Some reformers are wood and others are metal. You might use one that has ropes or straps of leather and some have legs while others don’t. While each reformer may be made a little differently, they all deliver a workout that is sure to take your body to the next fitness level.

Try Pilates Training and get that lean and mean body you’ve always wanted. You won’t regret it.



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