Effects For Eye Vision From Computer

Computer’s Effects on our Eyesight

The eyes are said to be the “window to the soul”. It is in the eyes where you can see the truthfulness of each spoken word, the sadness or pain that cannot be expressed outwardly and the indescribable happiness felt. Not only emotions can be reflected in the eyes, but it also serves as a natural asset for many. Each eye color, formation and every detail are skillfully and delicately woven to best suit the bearer. Therefore, our eyes should be taken properly cared of and not left too ruin.

Due to vast changes in technology today children at a very young age are exposed to high definition coloured screens and are engaging with all different kinds of gadgets. Movies, computers , phones  and video games have  caught children’s attention, all of which make them to spend long hours in front of screens. Although visual games are somehow considered to be good at helping our brain function better, we also expose our eyes improve too contrast sensitivity, thus improving the
user’s vision.

Too much exposure to the screen can also cause a variety of eye problems. Some of regular symptoms that are suffered;

  • Eye redness
  • Strains
  • Blurred vision
  • Itchiness
  • Headaches
  • Tiredness

Because your eyes focus on the screen for many hours, this exhausts the nerves and uses all the energy within the eyes . This causes eye fatigue which increases all the effects above, leading to more vision problems. People whom read for many hours also can experience the same symptoms ; itchiness and fatigue especially with reading materials having very small font sizes.

How to keep your vision healthy

In order to avoid certain eye illnesses, hours of computer usage must be regulated. Parental guidance is also recommended for kids so that their usage would be controlled. It would be advisable to pause every after one hour of continuous screen glaring. Looking at things which are colored green such as tree leaves is said to be relaxing to the eyes. Make sure that the computer screen is in proportion to your eye level, since it causes extra effort for the eyes to stare if the screen is tilted or still requires more focus than what is normal for the eyes. Also adjust the brightness of the screen as well as the lights in your room for too much light might only increase the risk of eye defects.

Our eyes play a vital role in our everyday life. We should be very thankful that we are blessed of having sight. Care for your eyes as if they are the best asset that you have!

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