How to Increase Speed


Speed Training

Speed is nothing but acceleration. Top speed is obtained only when a person runs or throws something with great vigor. The maximum speed obtained will vary from person to person. Speed will depend on number of factors like power in your limbs/body and your reflexes.

Speed Training

  • To develop speed, proper training should be carried out. Speed training is a long and continuous process. Top speed cannot be gained overnight.
  • In the beginning, basic speed training model should be followed. Basic speed training helps in gradually increasing the speed level. The basic to advanced speed training helps in achieving optimum power, endurance, mobility and control over the body.
  • For speed training it is essential to develop incredible movements and power against intermediate to high body resistance. Only when you obtain fifty-five to eighty-five percent of the body intensity during training, you can gain optimum power.
  • To gain top speed, proper ballistic technique should be used.
  • During speed training, it is essential to develop certain attributes like kicking, hopping, hitting and jumping. These attributes should be developed by using plyometrics.
  • To improve and maintain steady speed for maximum time it is essential to develop right technique for sprinting, which is only possible if the form of sprinting and endurance of speed is correct.
  • By using a specific sport, speed up to eighty-five to hundred percent of the maximum intensity can be developed.
  • By using various techniques for speed training, speed can be exceeded by at least five to ten percent. This type of speed training is known as over speed training.


Increasing Sprint Speed

To develop sprint speed, you should do down-hill sprinting. Choose a hill which has fifteen percent decline. Full speed should be obtained between forty to sixty metres and the top speed should be maintained for thirty metres. At least two sets should be done with three repetitions.`

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