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Pilates are exercise techniques which were developed in the United States by Joseph Pilates in 1920. Joseph Pilates  was a professional physical trainer.

Pilates has more than five hundred exercises and it’s main aim is to help the improving of body strength, flexibility and   balance.

Pilates was developed to help injured dancers and athletes to get back optimum fitness level through this exercise technique.

Pilates can be done in non-aerobic and aerobic exercise form.

Pilates benefits
  1. Musculoskeletal injuries can be prevented through Pilates

  1. Body balance and better performance with coordination

  1.  Overall conditioning of the body strengthening muscles, joints and pivits

  1. Increased range of motion and muscular flexibility

  1. Rehabilitated for people whom have previously suffered spinal or joint injury

  1. Spine stabilization improves due to Pilates.

  1. Upper back, shoulders and neck can be relaxed by doing Pilates techniques.

  1. Limbs and back can get great muscle control

  1. It improves  overall posture

  1. It enhances strength of all the muscles


Anyone with an interest for exercise can start Pilates.  It can be used by all levels from novice beginner to advanced fitness Instructors. You can complete Pilates exercises tow ways with equipment or by using body weight.

Pilates exercise help activate the core muscles located at the trunk of the body. These exercises work by controlling abdominal muscles whilst using various breathing techniques to increase the intensity. Regular Pilates training should be completed three times per week and it is advised that you seek the tuition from a qualified Pilates instructor.

Pilates in it’s forms
  • In equipment based Pilates, small equipments such as resistance bands are used; it provides resistance for the muscles

  • In mat based Pilates, body weight is used for resistance along the floor by using gravity. This method helps in improving the body balance and posture.

Who should be careful?

Pilates is a form of exercise that needs medical advice before exercising, please seek advice if you suffer from any of the  following medical conditions:

  • If you have musculoskeletal disorders / injuries

  • If you are pregnant

  • If you have heart disease

  • If you haven’t done any form of exercise for a very long time.

  • If your age is forty years or more

  • If you have just undergone any surgical procedure

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