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Resistance Band Training

Looking for a great strength training workout that doesn’t involve bulky, expensive exercise equipment? Something that you can do whether you’re at home or on the go? You might want to consider resistance band training.

What is a resistance band?

It is a piece of rubber elastic tubing with a handle on each end that you use to perform different strength training exercises. Because you’re not using a machine that guides you through the motion, you are more focused on your form and controlling the movements, resulting in greater core strength in addition to the muscles you’re actually working.

What are the benefits?

Resistance band training has many advantages. The bands are light and portable which means that you can store them easily at home or take them with you if you travel a lot. They come in different tensions so you can pick the one that gives you just the right amount of tension for your muscle strength and ability. And, you can get them at a minimal cost.

How do you know which bands to buy?

Most of them are color coded based upon the amount of tension they’ll give you for resistance. For a complete workout, you may want to buy one of each so you have a light, medium and heavy one. You’ll likely be able to use more resistance with your legs than your arms because they are typically stronger.

What kind of exercises do you do with them?

There are a number of exercises you can do with resistance bands to get a full body workout. For instance, you can work your arms by standing on the band and use the handles in front of you to do bicep curls.Or, use the bands to do  full extend squat raises as shown in picture above to work your thighs.

Resistance bands are a fun and easy way to work your muscles. Whether you’re new to working out or looking for some variety, they’re definitely worth trying!

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