Explosive Leg Training


Leg Explosive Exercise

To make yourself stronger and increase your leg explosive movements you should train the specifics muscles for your sport. For example, if you are rugby player and you want to increase your speed, you can do dead leg runs, double leg and single leg hops. In these exercises you are required to move with maximum force  as quickly as possible, keeping the contact with foot too ground as short as possible.

To increase your jump try to do so from a more stationary position  using a both legs bend to the floor for take-off and power jump up as high as possible. When completed these movements its important to incorporate as many muscle fibres as possible. Try am imagine yourself as a spring coil, the further you go towards the floor the more you  load your legs with power to make a great leap into the air.

Improve your side step with bounding, which is an exercise which requires multiple hopping on double and single legs. Like a kangaroo hop for your maximum distance in a straight line first until a good base strength is formed then move onto multi directional hops.

It’s important that you have the right balance of exercise and rest times. Normally 1-2 minutes between each set.

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