Run and Burn Fat


When running you should always aim to change surface and intensity regularly. By increasing your gradient with uphill running you can achieve so many health benefits;

  • Stronger bone density
  • Higher energy levels
  • Burn more calories
  • Increasing Stamina

Hill running will develop the leg muscles faster, making more muscle so you can effectively burn more calories whilst running. Running uphill has show more benefits with calorie intake reduction, in a recent study from Munich university calorie intake was reduced by 730 calories when men ran with hill training. Also running at high altitude with less oxygen will increase the muscular capability as less oxygen is provided for the muscle during movement the muscle teaches it’s self and adapts for more oxygen efficient  function. The body respiratory system is increased with altitude training and whom suffer from shortness of breath or asthma can benefit from this form of training regularly.

Running with Heart Rate Monitors

A recent study shows that undergoing a interval fat burning cardiovascular exercise can gain more benefits to weight lose and muscular gain. Rather than keeping in the fat burning zone when your exercising at 60%-70% MHR for a longer period of time.  Try interval training it’s prefect for fat busting and it keeps your workout interesting.  

Training with heart rate monitors help you maintain a  very precise aim, but how much fat are you burning? the answer can often be disappointing for people whom train between 60-70% for long periods of time. For fat burning you need to maximise your  heart rate fat burning zone. For example you can achieve this by increasing your MHR to 90% for 3 minutes then reducing to 60% for 10 minutes then complete this 3 times.  The truth with burning fat is that you need more motivation and energy  boosts. Training at 60%-70% often puts you in a world of easy exercise and normally we find it easy to slip out may be 5 minutes before the end.

Interval is the key for the main session, its important to use this method of training as it has been proven to be best fitness for the human body, making us faster, quicker and thinner. Interval training is the answer for all your fat burning needs. 





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