Health Hazards From Smoking

Cigarette Smoking and its Hazards

In the present time billions of people are engaged with cigarette smoking. Cigarette smokers
are everywhere. We commonly see them on the streets and in public utility places and almost
everywhere. Just by looking at them, they really seem to enjoy every blow of smoke they create and
they seem to derive pleasure from doing so. However, two questions come to mind ” why do
people smoke ?” and “why is it difficult to quit once it is started?”

Cigarette smoking has grown and become more popular and widespread among users in the 20th century. The
term “cigarette” was used to refer to a smaller version of a cigar. It is commonly and carefully made
out of tobacco. Additives such as reconstituted tobacco were added making cigarettes twice as more
addictive. That is why it is quite difficult to relinquish once one starts smoking.

Most people consider cigarette smoking as a means of relaxation. Due to people’s busy
lifestyles they find smoking as the only means to relax and have time for themselves. Others
even consider smoking as a tool that helps them think things over. While some, refer to the usage of
cigarettes as something that they can relate too! helping reduce anxiety and nervousness, especially when people face stressful work and serious matters.

However often cigarette smokers don’t consider the hazardous effects from smoking, not just mainly to the users but most especially to non-users’ health. While others derive satisfaction and delight from smoking, they’re neglecting the idea that second hand smoke, this is more dangerous compared to the effects of smoking to direct users. Research shows that
second hand smoke contains more than 4,000 various chemicals whereby at least 43 of which can cause cancer. It can also cause diseases such as malfunctions of the heart, lung cancer, emphysema, and bronchitis. Aside from the harm it may inflect to adults, it is more dangerous to children and newborn babies, since their body organs are still developing. When children are too much exposed to second hand smoke, it can result in premature deaths. Imagine the severity it may cause?

With this knowledge in mind, one should be more responsible to look beyond one’s self
and consider the other people that they put at risk, especially within the presents of children. If one
could not be able to refrain from cigarette smoking, then it would be a great help to use it only in
the appropriate places where children and other people will not be harmed.

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