Radiation Effects on Human Health

Effects From Radiation on Human Health

Radiation in simpler terms is the movement or emission of energy through space as moving
subatomic particles or as electromagnetic waves from a certain source. When we hear about
radiation, we usually associate it with something that is harmful and hazardous to our health. But,
are we really getting the right idea about radiation? What are the real effects of radiation on the
human health? These might be some of the questions which we can think about radiation.

Radiation is classified into two classes, ionizing radiation which commonly comes from
radioactive materials and non-ionizing radiation which is usually electromagnetic radiation. Non-
ionizing radiation comes in various kinds which are classified according to their wavelength and
frequency. Some kinds of non-ionizing radiation are radio waves, radar waves, microwaves,
ultraviolet light, infrared waves and others. Ionizing radiation mostly carries large energy in each
particle and can hurt people or cause chemical alterations to anything that it comes in contact with.
Non-ionizing radiation on the other hand, brings less energy and is not considered to cause harmful
damages, although selected types of non-ionizing radiation could also cause chemical changes.

We might not be aware of it, but we are surrounded by radiation. The visible light that we
see around us is a type of non-ionizing radiation, the food that that we normally eat also emits
radiation. With all these in mind, we could actually say that radiation both has a positive and
negative effect. Radar and radio waves contribute great help in terms of weather forecasting and
weather change predictions. Microwave radiation also allows us to cook food faster. While other
radiations are used to treat certain ailments and diseases such as cancer.

However, if there are positive results, there could also be negative outcomes. Too much
exposure to radiation especially radiations such as x-rays and gamma rays bring fatal effects to
one’s health, since they contain a large amount of rays. As much as certain types of radiation are
used to treat cancer, too much contact with this might cause cancer itself and could bring hazards
especially to children and unborn babies. Other results of too much contact with radiation are hair
loss, damages to brain cells and heart’s small blood vessels, thyroid gland problems, and might also
affect reproductive tracts.

Mostly, too much of some things are as good as too less of it. So, it is important to keep the
balance between things so as not to exceed the limits. Knowing when it becomes harmful and when
it is still allowable are good points to be considered as well.

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