How to Increase Calcium



Calcium plays an important role for our body bones helping us create and form osteoblasts, these help build and maintain a good bone destiny and structure. Helping remove old bone and build new cells within the bone marrow are some of the benefits from calcium, also fighting against bone aging diseases like osteoporosis. Calcium minerals make sure we maintain healthy nails and teeth.

Running increases bone density

Long distance running can increase bone mass density especially within the hips and legs, both areas of which are  prime targets for osteoporosis. Professional runners have shown a higher than normal bone density in a  study that was held at Erlangen University in Germany. The test was conducted on non runners and runners.

The research provided positive results for runners as they averaged a bone density reading of 1,246mg per sq cm were as the results for the non runners had an average of 1,138mg per sq cm measured. The results show that an average runners bone density was just over a 100mg per sq cm higher than that of a non runner, a result which quite substantial all in all. The information provided a great reason for middle age people to start and participate more in sporting activities in order to maintain healthy joint and bone structure.


Bone, tooth structure, nerve conduction & blood clotting prevention

Calcium is located in products Milk, cheese, nuts, bread & green vegetables
Calcium Sources Serving size Calcium units
Sardines 100g 380
Canned Salmon 100g 375
Tofu 100g 335
Milk 250ml 300
Youghurt 200g 300
Soy Drinks 300ml 290
Cheese 30g 260
Spinach 50g 50
Nuts & Seeds 50g 35
Almonds 30g 70
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