Exercise Training Techniques


Cardio Exercise

This form of training is good for sculpting and toning the body. The system aims at exercising with light strength and completing more repetitions. Toning- cardio training good for runners  -reps 30.

Muscular Endurance; The ability of a muscle to exert sub-maximal forces against a resistance over an extended period of time.The general rule could equally be described as the ability of a muscle group to overcome a sub- maximal resistance for an extended number of repetitions(low resistance x high reps or 15-25 r.m)

Pyramid training

Great for increasing muscles strength and size, this method of training is not suited for beginners , but would focus more on people whom have been training for over six months and want to move to the next level.

Pyramid training is the best way of building strength and size, this method involves altering weights over a number of sets.

First warm the muscle up with the lower weights and high reps, each set should get progressively heavier and the reps should reduce.Aim to get the most form the set, take yourself to near failure and bring yourself back to starting reps.


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