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Lower your cholesterol

Lower your cholesterol by eating avocados. The avocado contains good nutrients which can improve health; Avocados contain oleic acid, oleic acids are natural acids that help lower cholesterol. It does this because it raises the levels of HDLs (high-density lipoproteins) while reducing LDLs (low-density lipoproteins)  also know as bad cholesterol.

Not too sweet sugar

Use honey instead of sugar! The intake of white sugars should be kept to a minimum. The reason for this is because they   contain many bad nutrients, so many I would need a 20 sheets of A4 paper to list all of them on. With honey you keep the good natural sweetness. Honey has a high content of glucose that also contains goodness from B Vitamins , riboflavin, fructose and mono saccharides.

Chilli hot for health

Eat more chilies. The more chilies in your diet the better!  Chilli has  a natural nutrient that neutralises germs from foods. It reduces risks from more common illnesses such like headaches. Chilli has been proven to help asthmatics with breathing and can cures sinus and nasal problems.

Five healthy foods and nutrients that can improve the brain function.

1. Ginkgo – Improves the brain blood circulation

2.Garlic – Improves mood levels

3.Vitamin B complex – Improves brain function, bringing down homo cysteine levels. Homo cysteine – accumulates with poor nutrition and stress

4.Iron- Increases concentration levels with minerals

5.Siberian ginseng- Helps build vitality and immunity in our body

Healthy Fish Felling

Fish delivers lots of lean high class protein, as well as supplying super healthy omega 3 acids. These acids help you clean your internal arteries. This is why eating high levels of fish within your diet will mean that later in life you have a lower chance of obtaining heart disease.

Omega 3 fatty acids also reduces pain and inflammation from arthritis whilst improving ossification. Ossification helps maintain the health of your bones, joints and pivots. Bonuses are also gained from weight loss, lower risk of cancer and helping oxygen in the blood circulation around the body.

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