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Apple juice

Research at the University of Kaiserslautern, found that we gain from health from drinking apple juice. The research discovered that within apple juice there are high traces of poly phenol and pectin. These acids can help neutralise and clean your stomach.They achieve this by helping the breakdown of nutrients. Faster breaking down of nutrients can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Fresh apples are a good source of natural fibre and its important to eat apples on a regular basis. This will help with glycogen levels within the blood work more effectively with the body and provide important natural energy and help clean your internal system on a daily basis. 


Rich in vitamin C blackberries are a great for smoothies, jams, desserts and breakfast cereals. Blackberries can offer a range of benefits; fighting against sure throats, reducing oestrogen activity which helps Luger anar. Helping our body blood build properties know as anthocyanins.

Canola Oil

Produced from rapeseed canola oil has a high content of mono saturated fat. Mono saturated fats are know for there good health and can help reduce the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diese. Because of the fats low saturated content it makes it great for cooking; oil dressings, mayonaise or even frying. Canola oil holds essential Omega 3 acids making the oil of of the top and healthiest choices for our foods.

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