Resistance Band Training

Resistance band training

Resistance band exercise training was first created in early 1900s, the first resistance bands were made from surgical tubing. Later in the 1900s these exercise bands were mostly used for body and muscle rehabilitation purposes. Resistance bands made a big come back to the fitness market in the mid 1990s and were mostly used by physiotherapists with they’re clients. During the last few years resistance bands have become pioneers in the world of fitness

Kinetic bands

Kinetic energy refers to the energy of motion.

One of the best ways for increase your speed, strength, stamina and explosive is by using resistance kinetic leg bands. Adding high kinetic energy to your lower body muscles can have great benefits. Training your muscles to activate more powerfully with an increase in both multi directional movement and ability to react faster.

Yellow Band – X Light

Blue Band – Light

Red Band- Medium

Green Band- Heavy

Black Band – X Heavy

Resistance training also know as strength training primary refer to a form of training that uses force against the muscular contraction. Traditional weight training systems only provide resistance in one direction of the movement.


In order for you develop muscle and promote growth you first need to break down the muscle tissues. You achieve this by lifting maximum weight loads or  exercising until muscular fatigue. These forms of training are the best for making your muscles grow both bigger and stronger.

Performing  exercises repeatedly with strength resistance bands until fatigue will tone and sculpt your muscles.

How to use.

1. Practice all exercises without product until you’re able to perform movement with control and confidence.

2.Perform 1 to 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions during each exercise. If you are unable to perform these numbers then start with less repetitions. Rest for 10-20 seconds between sets.

3.Warm up before every exercise session. Simple jog on the spot for 3 minutes.

4. Maintain proper form throughout each exercise, if you begin to shake or feel pain stop and rest a little. You can always return to the exercise when recovered.

5. Before use check for wear or damage to your band. Do not use if product is damaged. These bands are not suitable for children and should be kept out of reach.

Please contact a fitness professional or GP before performing any physical activity. All exercises should be made in a slow and controlled manner.

Fitness health shall not be liable for incident or consequential damages resulting from use of this product, or arising. Info-




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