Superman Lower Back Exercises

Superman Lower Back Exercises 

Muscles; Lower back, upper and lower abs, hip flexors.

This exercise is excellent for strengthening the lower back, them movement is comfortable and can be completed by most ages. If you do this exercise at home make sure you have a soft and firm surface like a yoga mat. Once the arms have reached the floor repeat the exercise by raising both the legs.


1. Start position lay with your belly on the floor. Keeping your legs, shoulders and arms in line with one another, important that you face the floor throughout the exercise.

2. Big deep breath and  lift upper body head, arms and legs away from the floor then hold the position  for 4 seconds,  once the 4 seconds have passed exhale out, relax and lower your body to the floor. Repeat this routine

2-3 reps beginner

10-12 Intermediate

20 Advanced

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