Gym For Fitness, Why?


Many people are looking for the right answer in weight loss, the questions  which are  asked where and what ? most people answer “Gym” but why? If you are targeting weight loss what machines would you use in the gym? Cycling machines, Treadmills, Rowing machines, all these machines are built around natural sports,’ So, why do you need to join a gym!’

Sports and activities that we can exercise with outside for no extra cost. A prime example has to be running, this is the best exercise activity we can do as humans. Not only does running work our and improve are leg muscles, but also the muscles from our whole body can benefit from running. The muscle from our legs ,abs and upper body are all activated with the running movement.”Why use a treadmill when you can running outside ?”

  • We control on a screen and watch TV
  • Weather control
  • Running on the same surface, no hills

The body can benefit immensely from outdoor training, as well as burning twice as much calories . Different terrains; uphill, downhill, corners, grass and sand all activate different muscle fibres and keep our brain constantly working by judging stride with surface movement. Changing  weather conditions are another way of increasing our workout; storm, wind, hot and cold all have positive effect on our body’s muscular  system.

These two differences form running in the gym and outside are that we normally find that we control our run on a treadmill, and tend not to push ourselves to the maximum training point which we should be. Often we tend to get caught up in other distractions with conversation, TV, people etc.  All these effects can help you lose momentum. Training outdoors elimates all the distractions and helps you keep  focused on your goal.

Running outside can be better for your pocket and save you money in the long run.

Many people make the mistake of paying for expensive gym membership which they don’t use. If you want to become fit and loss weight first start thinking about the fitness not the gym.


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