How Cardio Fitness Works


Cardio Fitness is a mixture of stamina and endurance exercise combined : Aerobic fitness and cardio respiratory fitness ( Heart & Lungs)

Increasing cardio fitness will improve your ability to intake oxygen more efficiently transporting and utilizing around the body.

Cardio fitness is defined as activity that is rhythmic in nature  and focuses on working the  large muscle groups under low or moderate tension continuous over a long period of time, this is referred to as aerobic exercise.

Maintaining cardiovascular fitness for health is important for everyone. Improving your cardio fitness can help your body and brain in a numerous amounts of ways. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease whilst looking great physically and mentally are some of the benefits you can gain from cardio fitness.

Recommendations on the frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise required for your specific program will differ from from those for health fitness programs.

The ACSM recommend that in order for your program to develop cardiovascular fitness you should exercise three to five times per week, at 55% to 90% of your maximum heart rate.

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