Best Exercise for Faster Results

When exercising it’s best to use compound exercises for faster results.

If your fixated on getting tone with a six pack then you need to look at use a range of training techniques. Just doing the same training day in day out wont give you the results you’re aiming for!

The importance of activating different muscle groups in every exercise plan can’t be missed. The truth with training is there is no easy way, you have to work for your goals. If you want to get the best abs then you have to lose weight and start using more effective training methods.

The best method for training is to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible when exercising is a method called Compound Training. This form of training aims at activating as many muscle fibres as possible during each exercise.

For example; The Olympic lift – A simple compound exercise we have seen weight lifters use during the Olympics. Starting from a low squat position lifters aim to get the weights above high above the head with fully stretched out arms.

During this exercise these over 4 different movement are use to make the exercise complete. These exercises are;

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Clean
  • Over head press
Combining all these together to form one movement is a prime example for compound exercising. 

Applying negative training, one rep max, squats, deadlifts, press ups and chin ups in one exercise will increase your muscle fibres work rate and help your hormone growth and testosterone levels by using different muscle systems, always include lower and upper body exercises during training.

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