Questions ; Why I am losing so much weight

    It is nice to know that all is going well for you!! Since you are the expert in fitness I would like to take a liberty and ask you a question! I am going to the gym three to four times a week, but my problem is that I am loosing to much weight!! I don’t want to stop the gym as it is a good way for me to distress and switch off. But my friends are saying that I’ve started to ,,disappear,, and that is worrying for me. I do take some protein shakes also, but I don’t think that’s helping. Any advice? Thanks


    With regards to your training, if you attend the gym 3 or 4 times per week that’s great, well done! It sounds like you just need to start mixing up your sessions and stop burning so many calories.

    Never to the same session, if you keep doing the same exercises your muscles will become used to the movement and you will decrease in size. Your muscles need to be trained in different movements and styles.

    Session 1


    I would suggest you start lifting weights for one session a week. In this session you should be aim to lift heavier weights and complete less reps, between 75-85% 1 rep max rate. Start with the weight machines for the first 4 weeks then move onto the free weights.

    Week 1- Complete 6 reps & 3 sets of every exercise and make sure you get 30 seconds recovery in between every set.

    Session 2

    Flexibility training,

    If they do yoga or pilates at your gym then you need to start, if not then you should do 10 minutes Cardio, 10 minutes weights then 20 minutes stretching of all body parts and 10 minutes core training, abs and lower back.

    Session 3

    Cardio and weights

    20 minutes Cardio exercise -bikes, tred mill, rowing etc.
    30 minutes weights – 60-70% 1 rep max – (your maximum lifting weight) 8 reps – 2 sets upper and lower body.

    Session 4

    Fitness class.
    Body pump, funky pump, boxercise etc,.

    Most important.

    Never train 2 days in a row always leave a day break for muscle recovery.

    Drink your protein shake within 45 minutes of the session being finished.

    Never do the same exercises every session, mix it up !
    Hope this helps, many thanks

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