How do you get bloated


Have you ever wondered how much food we can eat in one sitting ?

When we eat food we can often consume too much and over indulge. This problem occurs due to our messenging system from our brain to stomach. When we eat our brain takes a little time to process the quantity of food that has been eaten. On average the time it takes for our brain to process foods which have been consumed is normally in the duration of 20-30 minutes. The reason why it takes so long for our brain to be updated is due to our stomach  messaging system telling  our brain when capacity has been reached.

The best capacity to fill our stomach is on average 80% full. Eating  80% and below will help our body   maintain energy levels. When to much food is eaten we can often feel unable to move, bloated, sleepy and stuffed. The reason for this occurrence is mainly due to our stomach requiring more energy to work at digesting the extra food particles. The body takes action and helps the stomach with extra energy supplies, by withdrawing the oxygen from the blood the body is able to send the stomach the extra energy which is needed.

Maintaining that fresh feeling throughout the day is vital. Keeping your energy level updated by snacking on healthy foods like, nuts, fruits and vegetable can help you reduce your hunger feeling, helping you feel more positive with energy during the day.

Also eating the right foods can have a huge affect on our body. High starchy foods like potatoes, pasta and bread all require extra energy to digest, easy healthy foods like fruits take half the time and use half our energy, 

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