Abs exercises don’t give you abs.


“Will doing lots of ab exercises give you abs ?” Lots of people have asked the same question.

Unfortunately the answer looks bleak for all the ab exercisers out their. Researchers at Southern Illinois University found that exercising with only ab exercises won’t give you abs.

The research made people perform 14 set of different ab exercises 5 days a week. The research took a duration of 6 weeks, after these 6 weeks the people whom completed the ab exercises were tested for weight loss. The results showed no reduction in the waist line, according to the researchers these exercises didn’t activate enough muscles in the body which is need to burn calories and reduce stomach fat.

The most effective method for training and gaining your six pack and toning your stomach is by cardio exercising combined with ab and core exercises. Upper body weight exercises like “Pull ups” are ideal for stomach toning as the activate your upper body and core muscles at the same time during the exercise.

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