Muscle training and building

In order for you to build muscle you need to combine weight training with good smarting eating.

Building muscle can not happen unless you have the right training techniques. Muscles need to be broken down and rebuilt with proteins. You can achieve these muscle gains with many forms of strength and power training.

The most effective process for building muscle is by using a super set strategy. This super set strategy is a form of  negative set training.  Starting a negative set training program will aim to complete one  repetition of your maximum lifting weight. These super heavy loads are hard to achieve and this training technique is dangerous, you must always be with a training partner making sure that your safely exercising.The training focuses on eccentric (lengthening of Muscle) movement. When proceeding with the eccentric movement with a overload of weight we tear our muscle fibres.

One of the most important parts for building muscle has to be food. Often after finishing workouts most people seem to forget that your muscles need to be fed and replenished, making sure that all the effort from your hard training session is stored for growth is essential. Muscles can only grow when they are actively used, when a muscle is not used it becomes smaller.

It is important to consume protein for any muscle gain program, just remember you only need to intake 1.7 to 1.8 grams of protein per kg per day for heavy strength training.

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