Increase your brain power with water


What are electrolytes and how they affect us

In a recent study taken at a University new knowledge was discovered from the benefits of drinking water.  Scientists found that students who drank water during exams scored on average five percent higher than their dehydrated student friends.

The main reason for this improvement is that water helps us with the transport of our body oxygen and energy supplies. Increasing the ability and assisting the delivery of messages throughout our body, this has an impact on the brains decisions  capability making us think faster and more clearer.

Dr Chris Pawson, from the University of East London says drinking water may help the brian’s neurological processes.

Another test was conducted the opposite way around. During this test the scientists dehydrated students with exercise and no water consumption, then assessed them with a problem solving test.

The results found that the dehydrated brain had to work twice as hard in order to achieve the same results as the hydrated students.

An easy way to figure out your correct water levels is by checking the colour of your urine. When the urine is dark yellow you need more water and when the urine is clear drink less water.  The right level is bright yellow, normally for an adult two litres of water per day is a good amount.


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