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Speed chute sprint training is ideal for increasing your own speed without a professional trainer. It develops your resistance with natural wind training element, this helps increase the activation of your fast twitch muscle fibres. These fast twitch muscle fibres are effective with training overall speed, power, balance and stamina.

Exercising with power chutes require power and coordination to help progression in the speed structure.

All training has to be spesfic for your sport. If you are a sports player and you want to increase your speed first you need to know the distance for your sprint. What’s the distance you want to improve ? 20 or 30 yard sprints ? 100m sprints ?

Knowing what you want to achieve in detail is essential for speed training. Once you figure out the distance then start using the chute. Always exercise with the interval training technique! keep changing the distances for example.

Interval speed chute training

You want to improve 50 m sprint time,

  1. Session – Sprint 30 m with chute x 3
  2. Session – Sprint 35 m with chute x 3
  3. Session – Sprint 40 m with chute x 2
  4. Session – Sprint 50 m, 40 m and 30 m meter with chute x 1
  5. Session – Sprint 50 m, 30 m and 50 m meter with chute x 1
  6. Session – Sprint 60 m, 40 m and 50 m meter with chute x 1
  7. Session – Sprint 50 m, 50 m and 60 m meter with chute x 1
  8. Session – Sprint 70 m, 20 m, 50 m and 30 m meter with chute x 1
  9. Session – Sprint 70 m, 40 m, 50 m and 30 m meter with chute x 1

Sprints learning from basic to complex movements will always reap the greatest rewards. The interval training prepares and adapts your muscular power and energy system. Making you into a more successful stronger and faster athlete.

Important  technique
  • Head up
  • Eyes looking forward
  • Arm drive
  • Shoulders back
  • Foot strike to ground

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