Increase energy in cells and become healthier

Increase energy in cells and become healthier - Fitness Health


Every living thing has life because of energy!

Humans are similar to electrical appliances much like ipods, lights and computers without energy we can’t survive. Everything around us needs an energy source to create life. Our main energy source is the sun.  The sun helps provide us with earth, oxygen, water and life with the sun’s energy we are able to create life on Earth.

As humans we need the important source of energy which is stored in our cells. Cells are responsible for energy storage, release, mobility and control.

Body cells are similar to Earth, they need water, oxygen and energy in order to function efficiently.

A person without energy is a person that lacks life. Low energy is the first step for disease!

If you want to increase your health, the best and fastest way to do this is by  focusing on building energy within your cells.  Energy will help your body deal with life more effectively in the future.

Having high quality cells with deliver you with a high quality of life !

Increasing your energy.

I don’t recommend that you start drinking more energy drinks for improving your cells energy. The best way to increase you energy is by exercising regularly. Not only do you train your muscles but also your cells!

Cardiovascular training or aerobic training are the best ways to increase your cells abilities. These exercises primary aim to increase oxygen levels inside our body. This training develops the cells speed and ability to remove any bi-product waste like lactic acids.

The health of your body depends on the fitness of your body’s cells.

A University recently completed the study of body cells. When they looked closely into the cells they found a number of miniature power houses inside each cell that help keep us energised throughout the day.

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