Medicine ball training

Medicine Ball training

Medicine ball training is one of the oldest forms of free weight training. Medicine balls can be used in all types of training for many different sports such like; basketball, American football, AFL, rugby, MMA, boxing  etc.

Using medicine balls in your training will help increase resistance whilst activating fast twitch muscle fibres. Awesome tool for athletic development with upper body plyometric dills.

Different types of medicine balls;

Non Bouncing Medicine Ball.

These are normally filled with water or a gel. Best used for passing catching exercises. Most will have a textured grip which means they are less likely to slip.

Semi Bouncing Medicine Ball.

These balls are filled with a mixture of dry sand and air, beneficial in throwing exercises such like;

Passing & Catching exercises.
Slamming exercises.
Throwing exercises.
Throwing & catching exercises against a wall.

Bouncing medicine balls.

Bouncing medicine balls are made of an inch or two of thick rubber. These balls are a lot harder and stronger if used incorrectly they can cause injuries to fingers and wrists.  Ideal for the following exercises;

Passing & catching fitness training
Throwing exercises
Slamming & Bouncing exercises
Throwing & catching against the wall

Not good for high throwing exercises,

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