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Why it’s important find the breathing right pattern?

Finding the right breathing pattern is the most important step for successful long distance events such like running, swimming , rowing, cycling etc. The right breathing technique helps you feel relaxed and helps us focus on our goal, also finding the correct breathing pattern is essential for maintaining your body’s energy levels.

Why breathing is so important ?

The right breathing pattern will benefit your body fuels, as oxygen transports fuel around our body helping keep our muscles replenished for longer periods whilst removing lactic acids and other bi-product waste form our body’s muscles.

How to focus whilst breathing

Finding the right breathing pattern can be difficult and often people find it hard to keep in rhyme with breathing, so here what you do;

First try and concentrate on loosening your facial muscles whilst running take deeper breaths through your mouth, this will allow more oxygen flow into your body and muscles whilst giving you a more rhyme when training.

Breath through your stomach rather than your chest.

This can increase your abdominal function allowing your breathing and oxygen increase in volume, at the same time will help work your abdominal’s whilst running, incorporating more muscle action with the movement.

First find your pattern, every two steps inhale and then two steps exhale.

loosen your facial muscles,  take deep breath through your mouth as this will allow more oxygen flow into your body and muscles. This helps you by giving a more relaxed feeling when running.

Breath through your stomach rather than your chest,  this will allow you to increase volume of oxygen incorporating more muscle action into the movement.


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