How I motivate myself

Motivation and how it works

How to motivate yourself long term.

Motivation is something we all think about. Often lots of thoughts can effect of decisions, thoughts like;

  • Bad weather
  • Social events
  • Lack of time
  • Too much work
  • Family events or problems.

Can effect your motivation this is why our motivation levels change day in, day out. We will always face many different challenges and obstacles during our day. It’s normal to have a hundred thoughts to make a decision.

Our brain is like a super fast computer and often we anaylis and decide most of or movements and actions without knowing.

Changing the way you think can help your motivation long term. Here is one

Have you every seen the film called ‘The YES Man’?

Try saying YES for a day! I have completed my self and you would be surprised what amazing feelings you can create just from saying one simple word. If you have not seen I fully recommend you should it’s one of the most adventurous days you will ever experience.

This will help you understand how powerful you can become by just changing one word in your brain and eliminating NO!

Fitness is a form of motivation.

Gaining motivation with fitness, first find a sport or hobby your interested enjoy doing. Then you need to think how successful you want to be in that event. What did I want to achieve ?

Once you have answered this the most important issue is to find out what you want and set yourself a goal, a big one !

After five years of  lifting weights I decided I was bored with the gym and I need a change. A few days later I heard a couple of people chatting about a triathlon, straight away I thought to myself ‘why not try a triathlon?’

It was something completely new for me a whole lifestyle changing event. Since then I have been driven to go training it makes a huge difference in performance and fitness.

The trick to maintain is to keep going !

I record everything I do in a diary, on completion of each daily program I log it into the diary. This give me huge satisfaction each day I can look back and I can see every step I have developed and how far I have come.

Finally fitness has a meaning and no day is wasted.
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