Building muscle main mistakes

Building muscle main mistakes - Fitness Health


Top three mistakes people get wrong when building muscle.

1.Cardio exercise overload.

Doing to much cardio exercise can have a reverse effect on your muscular system. The reason for this is mainly that your body will adjust to repetitive movements like rowing, cycling, running and swimming. The best way to increase muscle whilst cardio training is with interval training. Short bursts of high energy mixed with rest periods. Follow here for more information on interval training.

2. Muscular lower body training.

The amount times I have seen people with great upper body muscles , super abs and 2 skinny stringy legs dangling from their shorts is uncountable. One of the biggest mistakes can be focusing to much on the mirror muscles and forgetting the rest! The legs are the largest muscular groups and play a huge part in muscular development exercises such like deadlifts and the clean are essential for total body training. True muscular fitness means total body training.

3. Not training above your comfort zone.

The old saying “no pain, no gain!” has to be the simplest way for you to know weather your training is making a difference. Training beyond your normal limits is one of the most important rules “without change, without gain!”. It’s easy to work on the exercises and sports you feel more comfortable with, but you need change and to focus on training on your weaker exercise movements. Athletes training focusing on their weaknesses for development.


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