Global economical crisis great for fitness and health.


Often think that the economical crisis is bad ? then here is a reason for you to change your ways reduce your weight and bag a few pounds at the same time.

Now is the best time for change.

Fitness is one of the best decisions you can enjoy and act on during this time of European crisis.  With a little motivation from yourself you can turn a bad economic situation into a great fitness and health benefit.

Having a fit healthy body and mind has to be one of the great benefits money can’t buy! mind, body and soul! If we put our minds to it you can achieve anything!

Change now and  focus on more outdoor activities during the summer, better weather = better body. Longer days can deliver  more time for fitness outdoor activities.  If you have kids take them with you, kids and the outdoors are a match made in heaven, children love being involved in activities with parents it helps them build confidence with the added benefit of keeping them fit.

Remember you don’t have to go every day!

Just follow the guidelines three times a week for 20-60 minutes.

Weather you like indoor or outdoor activities like running, golf, tennis, cycling, walking, swimming or any other sports.

If your looking to save money then parks are awesome.

Check out your local parks to see what facilities are available. Look for benches, grass, steps, trees, lamp posts, bars, fences these can all be used in outdoor fitness. All you need is a resistance exercise band and you can workout anywhere!

check out my outdoor fitness exercise for help.

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