Why our mouths are so important ?

Why our mouths are so important ?

We speak, talk and show emotion with our mouths day in day out.

Within our mouths begins the all important jobs of breaking down food and digestion of particles.

Starting with teeth different shapes are responsible for different jobs.  Located at the front, these teeth are know as incisors and canines, these are responsible for cutting the food particles breaking them into medium size pieces.

The teeth at the back of the mouth are known as the molars. First premolars  have the job of breaking down the particles even further before moving onto the molars for grinding then being swallowed.

saliva contains enzymes and antibodies that breakdown harmful bacteria. 

When chewing the mouth releases saliva, this helps start the chemical digestion of carbohydrate food particles.

Its recommended to chew 30-50 times, also it takes the brain 20 minutes to realise that your stomach is full and can leave you feeling bloated.

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