How our stomach works?


How the stomach works.

Our stomach is one of the most amazing organs within our body. Much like a wood burner or fuel tank the stomach  functions in a similar way. It assists the breaking down of large nutrients and particles ready for absorption later in the intestines.   In the stomach food particles are mixed with the gastric juices, the whole mixture is churned to a thin acidic liquid and very little food can be absorbed through the stomach wall, only alcohol and fast absorbing drugs such like aspirin.

The stomach is normally 6-10 inches but did you know that the stomach has a capacity of up to 4 liters.

Muscle sphincters are responsible for directing the flow and movement of the digestion process. They churn the food particles whilst mixing with acids.

The beginning of protein digestion starts in the stomach with pepsin otherwise know as hydrochloric acid. High levels of pepsin are often the cause for more than 90% stomach ulcer sufferers.

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