What is Cardiac Muscle ?

What is Cardiac Muscle?

Cardiac Muscle is known as an Involuntary muscle, meaning the muscle in active without conscious thought.

The cardiac muscle has a lateral connection between muscle fibres,  when it activates it is responsible for all the muscle fibres to react and contract together at the same time. When this reaction takes place the blood is pumped upwards with force and into the blood vessels. A large amount of force is required so this cycle can take place within our blood stream.

The difference between a cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle.

The main difference between these two muscles (cardiac & skeletal), is when the skeleton muscle is activated it uses individual muscle fibres to contract. When these fibres contract the brain sends a signal to the nervous system how many fibres it will need to pick, hold or grab that item. The difference with the cardiac muscle is that they all contract at once. This becomes a problem when we try any simple task like picking up a glass, every glass would be crashed by your hand if they all contracted at the same time.Try writing a letter, placing the pen to paper you might find the pen going through the paper and the table if your strong enough.

Cardiac muscles can be found in the walls of your heart.
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