5 Fitness Factors


Here are the five fitness factors we face. People often think that becoming a famous athlete mean’t you were born with a gift! Unfortunately that is not the answer, but it’s not completely wrong.

We aren’t born with a gift, but we can have higher chance of becoming a famous athlete with the right genetic code. Like a jockey  or a basketball player, we can have a higher chance of making a more successful career in sport. People such like ‘Ian Thorpe’ whom has a great asset due to the size of his hands and feet together, making him one of the fastest humans in water. But all this success came with hard work, strict diets  with physical and mental determination.

Here are some of the factors that can affect you fitness.


The genetic make up of an individual,  predetermined the responsiveness of an individual to training.


The general living day to day affect of your certain lifestyle habits like smoking,drinking and drugs all have negative effects in the body.

Body type

Close to heredity factor, shape of the individual example. ectomorphs – lean build are cope better with endurance events.


Capability tends to decline with age. However, the rate can be dramatically reduced through reg exercise and activity

Health status

Performance can be severely affected by poor health.

If you suffer from some of the factors above this doesn’t mean you can’t change anything. In fact it should work the other way, you need to start something asap. Any small change can help even if you choose not to exercise you can help yourself become more healthy through diet.

Join a dance class, run club, nordic walking team, green bowls or start a fitness routine.

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