Improve running times

Looking to improve you personal best time?

The simple trick with making athletes faster is by using a mixture of distances and changing the speed frequency.

Often runners look to improve there times by using distance running. Thinking that running the same distance day in day out will improve your time is no good. You will improve stamina and maintain cardio fitness, but as far as improving speed goes you will still have a long way to run.

Interval training is essential, not only will you improve your speed but also likely to increase strength, power and reaction.

You may ask why?

Well, training at different speeds and distances will target different energy systems. Energy systems are the key to increase muscle reaction. Runners should normally change the training to four different paces for speed increase.


Session 1 – run distance – normal pace

Session 2 – half distance – twice pace

Session 3 – double distance slow pace

Session 4 – run distance – first quater- fast pace – second quater slow pace -third quater normal pace- final quater fast pace.

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