What is lordosis ?

Lordosis is a s excessive curvature of the lumbar vertebrae, these are the vertebrae that are located at the lower back. Often  can be seen in pregnant women during the later stages of pregnancy. The cause for pregnant women to suffer from lordosis is mainly due to the increased weight of the baby, pulling and altering a mother’s center of gravity. This will effect the body by pulling the weight forward in turn this will tilt the pelvis.

Lordosis is more popular during the later teenage years 19 +. excessive lordosis can be painful for the lower back and can effect and weaken  the hamstrings. Also can cause body inbalance’s  and make your hip flexors feel tighter than normal when moving and exercising.

Exercises for lordosis

Best way to combat Lordsis is with exercise, abdominal and oblique exercises. deltoids and chest exercises.

Here are some resistance band exercises you can use for strengthening the ab muscles without laying on the floor.

Double arm resistance band extension.


This is a short video showing you the exercise.

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