What are the reasons for increase your fitness and becoming more healthy?



Improvements not just of outer body but also the inner mind, making yourself more active and increasing energy levels, also helping you feel a happier person with less stress problems. Stress problems are the number one cause for binge eating and lack of exercise. Fitness will in turn increase your  health,  helping you live longer with a more positive outgoing passion and outlook on life. Not just another tanned six pack! There are much more benefits than just bigger muscles and a slimmer waist line. Fitness can make day-to-day life much better. Not just because of the look, but also because of your ability to have more freedom in life.

Health and fitness go together like bread and butter when you have one you need the other to get the maximum quality from your effort. Often people will go to the gym,or complete a huge outdoor training session go home and eat the wrong foods or drinking the wrong products. Then end up feeling tired with less energy levels and no impact on the body. Often this question will then be asked ‘Why I am exercising if I can see no gains?”

Answer ”Because you’re doing the work but your not giving yourself the energy or protein which your body needs in order for you to see the results of you work!”.

If you suffer from lack of motivation here are some tricks you can use to motivate myself.

#1: Create a visual cue for your progress

It’s easy to stay motivated when you can visually see how far you’ve come. If your goal is weight loss, for instance, you could have a glass bottle that you add a colored stone to every time you lose a pound.

#2: Create a visual cue for your goal

Keep your goal in front of you at all times and you’ll find it easier to meet it. Find a picture or slogan that represents the life you are working to achieve and look at it often to motivate yourself to keep going.

#3: Ask a friend for a pep talk

Sometimes you just need a cheerleader on the sidelines to get you going and keep your head in the game. Appoint a trusted friend or family member to give you motivation when you can’t seem to find any on your own.


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