Healthy chocolate benefits


Eating healthy dark chocolate.







The best thing about chocolate has be that it tastes great.

The second best thing about chocolate is that it’s healthy.

The third best thing about chocolate is that it’s healthy and it tastes great!

Dark chocolate contains high levels of cocoa , consuming this can help lower blood pressure and  increase the amount of antioxidants inside your blood stream. Dark chocolate can be good for preventing heart diseases.

Dark chocolate contains more than seven times the number antitoxidants that are found in strawberries. Also it has been shown to reduce cholesterol, by up to 10 percent reduction on LDL- Low density lipoprotein. (Bad cholesterol)

For more information on lipoprotein follow this link.

Chocolate does contain fat, often the fats found in chocolate are considered to be of good nature. As monounsaturated fat is  normally used in the production for chocolate. Monounsaturated fats are the best fats you can eat as they can  help reduce the risk of heart diseases and .

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