Make the outdoors your gym.


Park bench workouts

As the seasons begin to change from cold winter to hot summer it’s normally a good time to exchange your home workouts too  outdoor workouts.The adventure of green workouts can be greatly beneficial for all mind ,body and soul. You can do nothing but help feel in touch with nature when your exercising around flowers, green grass and trees.


Benches are brilliant fitness tools. They can help with leg and upper body exercises you can use the bench for step ups, press ups, triceps dips and plyometric jumps.







Often playgrounds are amazing for body weight exercises, claiming frames can be great for exercises such like pull ups, chin ups, back rows or incline press ups.

Resistance bands

Resistance exercise bands are so versatile you can use them anywear.  You only need a single band they’re so easy to carry you can put it in your pocket  whilst you go for your run and you have your own multi gym, easy to create a variety of different exercises.

My park bench workout routine.

This is  a quick video showing you a brief idea of how you can use a park bench to complete different exercises.


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