Increase energy levels with sauerkraut

Boost energy levels with sauerkraut







Sauerkraut is fermented white cabbage. Translated into English means ‘Sour cabbage’.

Sauerkraut is great for digestion problems and has a high source for good bacteria’s that can help our stomach.

Less energy is expended breaking down the food nutrients which in turn help with leaving you with more energy.

You can find different types of sauerkraut normally they are packed 250g and 500g. Supermarkets like Aldi or lidl normally stock sauerkraut at a good price 59p for 250g. Most other supermarkets stock the fermented cabbage but normally the price will increase.

For cooking I normally add a few cumin seeds and salt and pepper then just a couple of minutes to warm up in a sauce pan.

White cabbage is amazing and can help you combat many diseases.

White cabbage is a  great proactive nutrient provider rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and sulphur. When eaten raw it’s an awesome body cleansing food source, it helps by cleaning the internal organs like stomach and upper bowel’s.

Cabbage is known as the killer of colon cancer and simulates our immune system, helps with stomach ulcers , kills harmful bacteria and can help your blood circulation.

Follow here to find out the production process for sauerkraut.

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