Are your glasses holding you back from exercising?







There are many things that hold us back from exercising. From lacking time to inclination most are just excuses. We can all fit in 30 minutes of training a day and if you exercise effectively through interval training and combining resistance movements with cardio, 30 minutes is enough to maintain a health body and mind. If you lack the inclination you need to make small changes in your life to help you stay focused, setting goals and using visual images helps. However, there are some things that are harder to change.

In the UK millions of people need help with their vision. There are several correctional options: glasses, contact lenses and laser surgery. Obviously the last one is invasive and costly and not even possible for everyone so it’s the least common of the three. Wearing glasses is the most common and some people choose a mixture of glasses and contact lenses.

For people who enjoy sport wearing contact lenses offers much greater freedom than wearing glasses. You can run in the rain and not have to stop every few minutes to clean your glasses just so you can see where you’re going. You can go surfing and admire the beach from the sea and you can snowboard and see bumps in the snow even when the light is dulled.

However, some people are put off by the price. Unlike a pair of glasses that are a one-off payment and easier to budget for, contact lenses require monthly direct debits and ongoing payment plans and costs can mount up. However, the Internet is a wonderful thing; due to lower overhead costs, bigger customer bases and more competition, online retailers generally offer much lower rates than high-street opticians.

You can get affordable online contact lenses from Vision Direct. One of its best online contact lenses is from Aura Monthly where you can get a box of six lenses from just £14 or, if you buy 24 lenses at once you’ll pay just £38, which is £9.50 for six lenses.

Contact lenses have come a long way in the past few decades. Soft lenses now have tiny holes in them to let air circulate and help keep your eye moist throughout the day. They are easy to put in and take out and can be coated in materials that protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. All in all they are a good investment for any sports lover and if you don’t want to wear them all the time you can get online contact lenses for daily use and just use them whilst your exercising and wear your glasses once you’ve finished. Check out these contact lens safety tips from the NHS.

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